InventureIT Computer Services near Tullahoma, Tennessee

InventureIT provides computer services to businesses in the city of Tullahoma, Tennessee.  The city of Tullahoma, Tennessee is home to about 10,000 people and is located in both Coffee and Franklin counties. Tullahoma is located about 80 miles northwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee .

About Tullahoma, Tennessee

Tullahoma was founded in 1852 as a work camp along the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad.  Twelve years after its founding, it left the Union to become its own free state. Its name is derived from the Choctaw language, and means “red rock”.

Prior to Tullahoma or the railroad, the area was settled by farmers. These farmers came mostly from Virginia and North Carolina.  Early settlers were Moore, Deckerd, Anderson, Ragon, Montgomery, Ferrell, Stephenson, and Gunn. A spring known to the first settlers as Bottle Spring, and later as John Gunn’s Spring, is today Big Springs. This spring provided water for the steam locomotives.