Lawrence Brownlee

Lawrence Brownlee

Senior Support Engineer - Dalton


Lawrence Brownlee manages the support infrastructure out of our Dalton headquarters and the surrounding areas.

Lawrence supports a broad variety of clients in manufacturing facilities, legal firms, logistics (3PL), charitable groups,  government and non-governmental entities. He has experience with Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, as well as the Windows operating system (all on both the server side and desktop side.) Lawrence has spent his adult work life entirely in the IT industry. He began his IT career in 1995 at a university and eventually moved to a law firm providing IT support. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create Pinnacle Technology in 2011 and to ultimately merge with InventureIT in 2017.

In his spare time Lawrence enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, keeping up with current events, spending time with his family, his church, and going on mission trips to Haiti.