InventureIT Computer Services near Rincon, Georgia

InventureIT is a computer service provider for businesses in the city of Rincon, Georgia.  The city of Rincon, Georgia is home to about 8,000 people and is located in Effingham county. Rincon is included in the Savannah, Georgia Metropolitan area.

About Rincon, Georgia

Rincon was incorporated as a city in 1927. While the earliest settlers came to the area in 1751, the area had little development until the late 19th century.

During the American Civil War, when forces of the Union Army penetrated the South, thousands of slaves escaped from plantations to go to their lines. Many fell in with the forces of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman and followed his March to the Sea. Hundreds of fugitive African-Americans drowned during the campaign while trying to cross Ebenezer Creek near the site of present-day Rincon, outside of Savannah.

Rincon’s development was catalyzed by the coming of the railroad in the 1890s. A rail line was built from the Carolina’s across the state line at the Savannah River and southward to Savannah. The name of the city is believed to have been adopted from the Spanish or Mexican name Rincón, after a small but prosperous town in Mexico.