InventureIT Computer Services near Red Bank, Tennessee

InventureIT technicians are expert computer service providers in the city of Red Bank, Tennessee. Red Bank is a city of around 12,000 people located within ten minutes of downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee in Hamilton County.  The city provides a large retail center, quality health care facilities, opportunities for higher education, find dining and a metropolitan airport.  Red Bank also has excellent schools and community facilities. 

About Red Bank, Tennessee

In the mid-1800s, the Red Bank area was known as Pleasant Hill. When the community was given a federal post office in 1881, the community was notified that another name would have to be used, because a Pleasant Hill, Tenn., already existed. The postmaster’s wife reportedly looked at the red soil along the bank of Stringer’s branch and suggested the name Red Bank.

In 1955, the communities of Red Bank and White Oak incorporated into a town called Red Bank-White Oak. In late 1966, the community voted to call itself Red Bank beginning in 1967 for simplification purposes. Originally, the meetings and city business were conducted in a downstairs room of the Masonic Building off Unaka Street. Later, City Hall was moved to a small wooden structure at 3005 Dayton Blvd. The city hall at 3117 Dayton Blvd. opened in 1971 and was later remodeled and enlarged.

Although no Civil War battles were fought in Red Bank, troops moved through the area on several occasions. In early June 1862, Union Gen. James S. Negley led a force of some 6,000 troops from the west across the Southern portion of Red Bank. From there, they positioned their artillery on Stringer’s Ridge and bombarded Chattanooga, damaging churches, homes and businesses.