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eCase is a cloud software solution for social services case management. eCase allows case managers to focus more on their client’s needs and less on the paper work necessary to fulfill their contractual obligation to state agencies. All reports and session logs are tracked and securely stored and all monthly billing is automatically generated. Our unique approach to social case management has been fine tuned by working with agencies in many states to put together a product that exceeds expectations.

Key Features

  • Wraparound Invoicing
  • Contractor Invoicing
  • Integrated online referrals
  • Robust reporting
  • Document attachments
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Here are some of the great features with eCase

Batch invoice creation for Wraparound complete in minutes

Mileage and time tracking

Reports can be exported to PDF or EXCEL

Service Level reporting to ensure financial obligations are not exceeded

Organize and track approved hours

Convenient tab interface for better organization

Automatic case creation from online referrals

Automated text, voice, email Reminders

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If you would like to take a closer look at eCase, please call us to receive login credentials and schedule a demo. The link to the right side will redirect you to the systems login screen. .

Once you are logged in to the system, you will have full access to the power of eCase. You will be able to

  • Evaluate the admin and setup options
  • Evaluate the Report Manager
  • Evaluate the power of the Case Manager
  • Evaluate the power of the Online Referral System
  • View Online Help



eCase is a cloud-based service

The great part about our eCase case management software is that there is no major capital outlay to start working in the system!

Our team will get your company setup to use eCase and contact you when you are ready to begin. Throughout the setup process, we will be in constant contact with your company to collect the necessary information to build your company’s eCase profile.

After the initial setup, we will continue to be available while you and your counselors & staff are becoming familiar with using the eCase platform. For the next few weeks, we will provide phone and email support to answer questions and get key personnel trained in every aspect of eCase.

Once everyone is trained, your team will be more productive and efficient than ever before.

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