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Lift Truck Master is an asset management cloud solution that manages fleets of lift trucks for manufacturing companies. For each specific fleet, this system tracks every asset, work order, and maintenance log. Our mobile dashboard allows mechanics to scan a QR code and pick an option while the system does the rest, producing accurate information from the shop floor. Our cloud based solution is the most efficient solution for our clients—whether you manage 1 location or 50 locations, LiftTruckMaster requires only a single corporate license.

Know your battery

Do you know how long your batteries last? Do you know when a battery is in trouble? Can you pinpoint which of your lift trucks suffer from short battery life? With all of this information lives at your fingertips. Every time a battery is pulled from a lift truck, it is scanned into the system. The usage time for that battery is recorded and the replacement battery is recommended from a pool of available batteries. All of this usage data is consolidated at the end of each month to produce a set of utilization reports that help you manage your battery inventory 

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Core Design was designed for one main purpose—to help you manage your assets and achieve the best utilization possible. With millions of dollars invested each year in new Lift Trucks and accompanying batteries, it only makes sense to invest in the best tools on the market. We provide you with the tools necessary to track each asset in your fleet and make sure each one is operating at the highest possible potential.

Lift Truck Master

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