Computer and Network Services for Commercial Real Estate

InventureIT provides computer and network services for commercial real estate agencies. The commercial real estate marketplace is constantly changing, and technology is now playing a key role in the success of agencies.  We offer unique solutions to help keep your data safe and secure, and keep your agency from falling behind in the ever changing and fast-paced technology arena.

IT Services for Commercial Real Estate

IT Procurement

Let us research and make recommendations based on your company's individual needs. We partner with industry leaders including Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Apple to bring you the best available technology.

Cloud Solutions

Connect to your data from virtually anywhere with one of our cloud solutions. InventureIT’s cloud solutions eliminate unnecessary hardware, free up space on your systems, improve mobility, and save you money.

Backup and Recovery

Having an effective backup and recovery strategy in place is critical should a system failure or data breach occur. Let us research and recommend a backup and recovery solution for your business.

Network Security

Keeping your network secure is a vital component of keeping your data safe. Let us provide a risk analysis of your network for threats and vulnerabilities to help prevent security breaches.

Technical Support

Having an issue with your technology? Our technical support department is available to assist you in getting your hardware and software issues resolved quickly with as little downtime as possible.

Email Solutions

Increase your agency’s efficiency with business e-mail and collaboration tools such as shared calendars, tasks and contacts, emails, and public folders at your chosen domain.

Video Monitoring

Whether you need one camera or ten, indoor cameras or outdoor cameras, we can help you create the ideal video monitoring system for your properties and agency.

Entry Management

Let us help you keep your properties and agency safe and secure by controlling access with the latest digital access control systems, including encrypted VIZpin smartkeys.

Website Hosting and Design

A modern, responsive website is important to an agency. Let us design, or redesign, and host your website. We provide domain registration, managed software updates, and website security.