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Hiring Cutting Edge Developers!

By June 5, 2015Uncategorized

These positions call for mid-to-senior level developers who have demonstrated experience in all phases of application development and support in a team environment. The developers should be self-starters that can handle multiple priorities simultaneously. Additionally, the candidates should display a pattern of continual learning and a desire to broaden their software development and design skills. InventureIT provides state-of-the-art hardware and development tools coupled with a team of highly skilled developers in a cutting edge Microsoft environment.


· Write object-oriented code
· Adhere to project manager architecture
· Consistently meet project deadlines
· Agile development methodologies
· Potential to participate in architecture of projects
· Potential for project leadership responsibilities
· Participate in design and code reviews
· Work with other developers in solving new and existing technical issues
· Develop high-level and detail design specifications and estimates
· Perform requirements analysis and develop technical specifications 
· Implementing strategies to fulfill data management requirements of applications in production, test, and development environments
· Design and create databases to fulfill application data requirements.
· Design, create, test, deploy, and maintain T-SQL scripts and procedures for use by applications.


Basic Qualifications:
· 4 years experience using NET framework 2.0 or higher 
· 2 years experience working with framework 3.5
· 4 years C#
· 4 years ASP.NET
· 2 years WPF
· 2 years SQL Server/T-SQL experience

Preferred Skills:

· SQL Server Reporting Services
· WinForms, WFP, WCF
· Jquery, HTML, CSS
· Exposure to MVC/MVVM
· Exposure to .Net 4 and Visual Studio 2010+
· Knowledge of common design patterns
· Use of generics in .Net
· Use of reflection in .Net
· MonoDevelop
· XCode
· Java

You must be able to commute to the office in the 30720 area code. Office hours are expected from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Working remote, telecommuting, etc is not currently an option. You must be in the office while working.


· Healthcare and Dental
· 70%+ of benefits paid for employees and their families
· 401k: 100% match up to 4% 
· Long term and short term disability insurance
· Significant bonus plan for all developers
· Leading edge technology and resources, coolest toys in the area!

To contact company about this job, send a copy of your resume to the following email address, candidates should be able to decipher:

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