InventureIT Computer Services near Hardeeville, South Carolina

InventureIT provides computer services to businesses in the city of Hardeeville, South Carolina. The city of Hardeeville, South Carolina is home to about 4,800 people in Jasper and Beaufort counties.  Hardeeville is about 15 miles north of Savannah, Georgia and 25 miles from Rincon, Georgia and a part of the Hilton Head Island Metropolitan area.  

About Hardeeville, South Carolina

The area within the city was settled in the 19th century by Isaac Hardee, a native North Carolinean. Through his son, White William Hardee’s efforts, a depot and general store along the Charleston to Savannah railway opened up. This depot and the surrounding areas became collectively known as Hardee’s Station, and eventually as Hardeeville at the town’s founding in 1911. The area became renowned for its timber operations with the Argent Lumber Company, which had one of the largest logging operations in the world centered around the town. Unique to the area was the swamp logging procedure that was utilized, which made operations far more treacherous than standard logging. 3 ft narrow gauge railroads were constructed to help deliver timber to a processing area, where the lumber would be lifted onto 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in standard gauge rail cars or trucks headed to all parts of North America.