Network and Security Audits

Network and security audits are important for keeping your company’s important and confidential information secure. Let us review your network for threats today.

Network and Security Audits Assess Risk

Risk Analysis

InventureIT’s risk analysis assesses the administrative, physical and technical components of your network. After that, we document your areas of risk and vulnerability that could be exploited by internal or external threats. Having the proper security measures in place will reduce the chance of a security breach.

Electronic Device Auditing

InventureIT can review your electronic device management plan and recommend strategies for automated monitoring and reporting tools, automatic software updates, network traffic monitoring, vulnerability scans, and network segregation.

Physical Security

Physical security is just as important as network security. Your building needs to be secure to protect your hardware and data. InventureIT can recommend a security plan including security cameras and card authentication to ensure you know who has access to your facilities.

HIPAA Compliance

Protected Health Information (PHI) is governed by HIPAA compliance requirements and having the proper security measures in place will reduce the chance of a security breach. The InventureIT team are experts at HIPAA compliance. We can review your network and security plans to ensure your systems are meeting all regulatory requirements and protecting sensitive data.

Annual Security Audits

InventureIT recommends that all of our clients, especially those who must comply with HIPAA security requirements, conduct an annual security audit to ensure all data and equipment is maintained in the most secure manner. Our team can help ensure all data is being protected and equipment is being maintained to protect from external threats.