Dalton, GA

Dalton, Georgia: Our Headquarters

Computer Services in Dalton, Georgia
InventureIT provides computer services for Dalton and operates right in the heart of downtown. Dalton is an up and coming town with a bright entrepreneurial spirit.  We strive to be involved in the growth of our community. That’s why we helped found the Dalton Innovation Accelerator (affectionately known as DIA) right up the stairs from our basement headquarters.

About Dalton

Located just off I-75, about 32 miles south of Chattanooga in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dalton has grown to be the second largest city in northwest Georgia. Known as the Carpet Capital of the World, Dalton is a hub of manufacturing and entrepreneurship perfect for growing businesses like ours.  Dalton has a rich history in the carpet industry, spearheaded by a young female entrepreneur. The boom of carpet manufacturing helped Dalton thrive economicly, both post Civil War, as well as through the Great Depression.  

These days, Dalton is more than just carpet factories (although the industry still thrives here). Dalton’s restaurant scene is booming, and small local businesses find that Dalton’s economic climate is ripe for growth. Community concert series happen weekly in the summer, and the downtown area is a charming place for a stroll year round. Additionally, Dalton houses the Georgia Athletic Coaches’ Hall of Fame, as well as Dalton State College.

Dalton is the Gateway to Civil War Georgia. Dalton is packed with Civil War sites, and related history. In fact, the United States Government recently declared Dalton and Whitfield County to have more intact Civil War artifacts than any other place in the country. After the Civil War and during the Reconstruction, Dalton, like most towns in the south, struggled economically. The economic depression of the late Eighteen Hundreds lasted until the early Nineteen Hundreds, when a new hope emerged.

As we like to say around here, Dalton!